The IMF can lower forecasts on growth of world economy


Representatives of the International Monetary Fund reported that they can lower a forecast on growth of world economy. It is necessary to note that in July growth of world gross domestic product by 3,5 % in the current year and for 3,9 % in 2013 was expected.

Yesterday the main American indexes finished trading session in different directions – Dow Jones in moderate plus, and S&P 500 and Nasdaq – in a small minus against deterioration of economic statistics on China, Japan and the USA. Statistical data from Europe also didn’t give a special optimism. The block of yesterday’s data reminded investors that world demand continues to weaken, as well as on the American labor market it is not visible appreciable improvements. Despite all accepted measures – fundamental indicators remain former and we still don’t see special changes in economy. So, it became known that the industry of China showed reduction in September, export and an import of Japan fell in August, and in the USA, in turn, the number of primary requests for unemployment benefits surpassed forecasts of economists, having made 382 thousand.

However, it didn’t lead to aggressive sales. Superfluous liquidity supports stock markets, and besides other statistics was not so bad, as economists predicted. At the end of the trading session market were supported by the message in Financial Times that, according to information from the informed sources, the European politicians work over the program of economic reforms for Spain.

The prices for oil went up after falling in New York. Now Light ads in price 55 cents – quotations came nearer to 93 dollars. Brent bargains on a level of 110,46 dollars for barrel.

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