Investors are waiting for signals to choose final direction in the markets



The main fears and the main negative factors were coming to us from Europe. Mainly it was rumors around Spain. Though the prime minister of Spain told that the financial help after all will not be required to the country.
In the Asian Pacific region today China and South Korea are closed. China today is celebrating its National Day, and naturally markets are closed, but we are still receiving macroeconomic data. In China index PMI for the non-productive sphere decreased to 53,7 points in relation to the previous value of 56,3 points. It is the next signal of slowdown of the Chinese economy, especially of the sector of services – the sector by which China is guided first of all.
The Asian bank reduces forecasts on growth rates of the Asian region except for Japan, now growth according to ADB should make 6,1 % in 2012. We will remind that it is already the third decrease this year.
It is necessary to note also negative data which come to us from Australia; it is a data on sales of new houses. As well it is a decrease in an index of activity in a services sector and expansion of deficiency of trade. All this reflects the Australian dollar; it is on the minimum values against US dollar. Currency pair EUR/USD is on a level 1.2902, here are no any serious changes at present moment.

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