Shanghai jumps on policy support



The Shanghai composite index jumped with 1,2 percent this morning as the governor of the Chinese central bank stressed the need for monetary flexibility, sustained growth and financial reform. The statement was seen as Chinese political willingness to take necessary steps to encourage the economy which according to the last global economic analysis from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), will grew 7,8 % in 2012. IMF has lowered its forecast for global economic growth from 3,5% in July to 3,3 percent. IMF is painting a grim picture especially of the development in the euro zone where economic growth forecasts are lowered from 0,5 to 0, 3 %.
Other Asian exchanges were also up in Asian trading except for the Japanese Nikkei which falls 0,3 %. MSCI for the south east Asian Pacific is up 0,6 and Australia with 0,5 percent helped by higher copper and precious metal prices. Oil prices are also up. Brent crude is at 112,67. Futures for the stock exchanges in Europe and the US are pointing to a positive start after concern over China and weaker third quarter profit earnings for US-companies, spoiled the party both in Europe and US yesterday. Dow Jones was down 0,19 percent while the technology stock index, Nasdaq, fell with 0,69 percent.
EURO/USD has been trading far below its Friday peak on 1.3172. The Euro fall below 1.29, but has recovered slightly at 1.2987 in early morning trade. The EU Finance Ministers met in Luxembourg and have agreed on an emergency fund on 472 billion Euros to eventually pump into banks and sovereign states. The ministers seem also to have agreed on a single supervision for euro zone bank which will strengthen cohesion and the mutual currency. Spain has not yet decided on whether to ask for a sovereign bail-out. German chancellor Angela Merkel is visiting Athens today in an effort to boost the three party coalition governments which has come under increased pressure following new scandals and accusations of cover up of a list of Greek politicians and business people seeking to avoid taxes by stuffing funds in Swiss banking accounts.
The USD/JPY has recovered from yesterday’s low trading at 78,40. The Australian dollar which reached a three week low yesterday, has gained 0,5 % in relation to dollar on the statement from the Chinese central bank governor. Precious metals are on rise. Gold which fell to 1771 yesterday is trading eight dollars up at 1779. Silver is recovering from the low of 33,75 and trades at 34,20. In Europe the Swiss franc is under pressure.
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