USA: by the session end optimism disappeared from the market



On Thursday, main American indexes finished trading session with minor change. If at opening of the session moderate optimism concerning positive statistics on a labor market was observed, by the session end the enthusiasm left the stock markets. Indexes of Dow Jones and Nasdaq rolled down in a small minus; upon Nasdaq, in particular, was pressed by decrease in prices of Apple (-2 %). Appeared information that the European politicians can suggest to delay introduction of the toughened requirements to the capital of banks, was disproved later by Othmar Karas.
Yesterday it became known that the number of primary requests for unemployment benefits fell to the minimum level since February, 2008 of 339 thousand that appeared much better than forecasts of economists (370 thousand). The statistics on trading balance was worse than expectations – deficiency extended in August to $44,22 billion, having exceeded forecasts of economists.
Following the results of the trading session the indicator of “blue chips” the index of Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 0,14 % and was closed on a level of 13326,39 points, the index of the wide market S&P 500 increased for 0,02% to level of 1432,84 points, and the index of the hi-tech companies Nasdaq went down for 0,08 % to a level 3049,41 points.
Shares included under of “blue chips” showed mixed dynamics. Better than the market looked Bank of America (+1,41%), JPMorgan (+0,79 %), UnitedHealth Group (+0,96 %), American Express (+0,86 %), with fall over 1 % finished Verizon Communications, AT&T and Walt Disney.
The price for oil futures for Light brand following the results of the trading session on NYMEX raised on 82 cents or 0,9 % to level of $92,07 for barrel. Oil rose in price as a result of retreat of dollar and against improvement of the American data on employment.
The price for futures for gold on COMEX raised for $5,50 or 0,3 % to value of $1770,60 for troy ounce. Gold added in the price owing to dollar weakening of the position in a basket of world currencies.
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