USA markets won’t work the second day in a row because of the hurricane “Sandy”



Boards of USA have cancelled it work in connection with hurricane for the second day in a row for the first time in a century. So, on Tuesday, October 30, in the USA trading will not be held not only in shares and options, but also bonds.
Also it has been reported that on Tuesday will be closed for citizens’ visits buildings of the federal government in Washington, and the staff of not emergency services will have holiday. Thus the personnel of the companies in the Wall Street will be presented at the New York offices in limited structure, the big part will spend the working day far off.
It is necessary to note that the Ministry of Labor of the USA declared the intentions on report publication for October on Wednesday, as it is planned according to the schedule, despite the problems connected with hurricane.
Hurricane can also influence oil prices. Earlier already it was noted that on its way there can be some oil refineries in the general capacity of 1,2 million barrels per day, or 7% of oil refining capacities of the USA. In this regard production on the majority of the enterprises is already closed. Also we will note that because oil refineries reduce the capacities, oil stocks this week should grow that indirectly conducts to decrease in the oil prices in North America and also to growth of spread of Brent-WTI.
Today, this morning oil is decreasing and traded on a level of 109.05 dollars per barrel for a BRENT and 85.33 dollars for LIGHT.
Gold and silver are moving in a positive direction and are traded on levels of 1711.43 and 31.88 accordingly. Euro is a bit stronger then dollar and is traded on 1.2921.
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