Asian markets are recovering



Today Asian stocks markets except for China are gaining in price. Better than the others looks Japanese Nikkei which has lost yesterday before closing of a trading session about 1%. The bank of Japan expanded yesterday the program of repayment of bonds on 11 trillion yens (to 91 trillion) that practically coincided with expectations, thus was declared that fight against a deflation is a priority task. Accordingly to a regulator estimates, by 2014 inflation in the country should reach level of 0,8%, but the target level is 1%. On this background investors safely can expect further continuous monetary easing policies in Japan. Meanwhile the Japanese yen continues some strengthening after last wave of decrease, and today currency pair USD/JPY already bargains at level 79,6 against 80 on Friday.
Today the trading at the exchanges of USA should renew. The main blow of hurricane “Sandy” is over; the building of the New York stock exchange did not suffer. Investors with big tension expected information on renewal of the auctions – at the end of the week there is coming a lot of an important macroeconomic statistics. In the centre of attention there will be data on a labor market, the last one before the elections in the United States.
In absence of the trading in the USA, the prices for oil following the results of last session showed multidirectional dynamics. The spread in December contracts between the Brent and WTI brands makes at present 23,4 dollars. Volumes naturally appeared essentially below averages. According to Reuters, owing to elements on east coast of the USA, 2/3 of all oil refining enterprises appeared closed. Besides, the stop touched also the largest oil pipeline. Nevertheless, already in the nearest future the situation should be stabilized. Today in the morning we can see Brent traded on 109.20 and Light on a level of 85.99.
One of the world’s largest investment companies BlackRock on Tuesday issued the review concerning the market of metals in which expressed opinion on an undervaluation of this type of raw materials. In their opinion, demand from China still remains high, despite decrease in growth rates of economy of Heavenly Empire, and the economic situation in Europe and the USA essentially improved. In this regard, in their opinion, it is possible to expect growth of cost of such goods, as copper, iron ore and others.
We could already observe the result of this statement during Asian trading session; there metal companies were measurably growing this morning.
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