Bear mood do not recede



The American indexes once again finished trading session in a red zone. Frankly speaking, we have seen so much negative information yesterday that it was possible to expect even more considerable falling. The main headache for investors still is a fiscal cliff.
Today the president of the United States will meet congressmen, and in common they will try to find a way out of current situation. Might be markets will get an occasion to grow up following the results of a meeting. However yesterday’s fears were not limited only to a general picture in the markets. Right after an election of the president in the United States statistics started to spoil. Yesterday was presented very bad data on a primary requests for an unemployment benefit in the USA. Growth of requests made 78 thousand, even slightly more than 20 thousand were expected, the total number of requests made 439 thousand. It is a lot, and raises a reasonable question that so strongly changed in the employment market literally for few weeks.
Besides macroeconomic data there was a weak reporting from Wal-Mart. Business of the largest retailer, many investors consider, as an advancing indicator. Nevertheless, despite this negative, the American markets lost within only 0,2-0,3%.
The trading in the commodities market is stable; Brent grows to 108.1 dollars for barrel, NYMEX decreases to 85.6 dollars for barrel. A favorable factor for growth of the oil prices is the statistics which came yesterday on the fuel market in the USA: so, stocks of crude oil grew to 1.09 million barrels contrary to expectations in 2 million; reduction of stocks of oil products made 2.54 million barrels – was expected 1 million. Continuing conflict in the Middle East will also support growth of oil prices. According to the information from HAMAS, the Air Force of Israel struck the next series of blows to the Gaza this morning.
Precious metals are weak this morning, Silver is losing more than 1% and traded at 32.34, Platinum at 1560.59, Gold is stable at 1712.
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