World stock markets grow on positive expectations from FRS meeting


The stock market in the USA has finished trading session rising on positive expectations concerning results of negotiations of politicians about reduction of state expenses and a country budget deficit. Index Dow Jones reached level of 13248.44 and added 0.59%, S&P increased for 0.65%.

Today in Vienna the next meeting of the countries of exporters of oil of OPEC will take place. Main question: discussion of quotas of oil production. According to Platts agency the cartel extracts 31,08 million barrels per day at a quota in 30 million. There will not be eventual influence on an environment of the oil market. This morning the oil futures are adding in price with Brent traded on 106.90 and Light on 86.35.

In India industrial production in October grew by 8,2%, increase for 4,5% was expected. In the last three months the government of India undertook a number of measures for attraction to the country of foreign investments, and also developed the steps directed on maintenance of internal demand and export. The reserve bank of India also tries to support economic growth and, in particular, gave a feeling that can reduce the main rates in the next quarter.

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea carried out Ynkha-3 rocket start with an artificial Earth satellite “Kvanmenson-3”. This is the second attempt then North Korea was trying to send the satellite on orbit, the rocket firing which taken place in April has ended with a failure. Japan regarded rocket start as violation of the international norms and decisions. Special session of UN Security Council on start of “Ynkhi-3”, which Japan demanded to carry out, can pass already today.

Euro grows the second day in relation to dollar after the report showed that the trust of the German investors grew in December to a 7-month maximum. The German index of economic expectations of ZEW in December unexpectedly jumped up from -15,7 points to positive value in 6,9 points though -12 points were expected. This morning EUR/USD managed to stabilize above level of 1.30 and is traded on a level 1.3001.

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