Bernanke undermined enthusiasm of bulls


Investors finally got the most awaited news of a December after FRS announced its decisions. Results of meeting were quite expected: was made the decision on repayment of state bonds with longer circulation periods for $45 billion. Plus to it will remain the QE3 program of $40 billion a month. Total $85 billion a month.

And the markets fell into thoughtfulness: in fact, FRS finally undersigns that constant injections is the only thing that can help economy and a financial system. The debt market reacted to it with the sales of treasures – rates on 10-year bonds grew to 1,7%. Dow Jones, Nasdaq and S&P500 could not continue its upward development and were closed practically at a zero level.

EUR/USD tested a reasonable demand from the very beginning of trading day though it is impossible to tell that movements had large-scale character. The British positive data gave optimism; however confusion with the Greek debt and expectation of the next meeting of Ministers of Finance of Europe limited growth, but further publication of the accompanying statement of FOMC which has coincided with expectations of the QE expansion led the prices to a maximum of 1,3097. This morning EUR/USD is traded on a level of 1.3082.

Today the Japanese yen is again sharply weakening and bargains on the minimum levels since spring of the current year against euro and dollar. Dynamics of yen also gives support to the Japanese market, helping to show a steady growth. Pair yesterday from levels of opening 82,53 broke through higher than 83,00, reached a maximum 83,29 and was rolled away to the area 83,20 on closing. This morning, we can already see USD/JPY traded on a level of 83.61. There is not much time left till elections, so movements will be warmed up upward not only with USD strengthening, but also on expectations on political change in Japan.

Prices of oil following the results of last trading session showed positive dynamics. The OPEC countries following the results of the meeting on Wednesday, as expected, kept a quota of oil production at former level – 30 million barrels a day. At the same time, the OPEC plans to reduce gradually raw materials production to correspond to the designated quota. Today Brent crude bargains with fall, losing 0,23% to level of closing of previous day.

Prices for metals and precious metals are strongly falling, gold is losing more than 1% and traded on a level of 1699.38; silver is on a level of 32.97 and decreasing for 2.40%.

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