The problem of “fiscal cliff” again came to the forefront


After decisions coming from meeting of FRS nothing distracts investors from a problem of “fiscal cliff”, especially, taking into account that till Christmas there is less than two weeks, and gleams in negotiations between democrats and republicans aren’t observed yet. For example, the speaker John Beyner noted that the president Barack Obama “isn’t serious” concerning a question of decrease of expenses which republicans consider as the main priority. Even successful data on a labor market according to which the number of primary requests for unemployment benefits fell in one week to 343 thousand at being expected 370 thousand couldn’t affect moods of investors. Dow Jones and S&P500 ended up with loosing 0.56% and 0.63% accordingly.

In the last day of the current working week the index of China SSE again shows growth almost for 3%, practically coming back to the autumn maximum levels. As occasion to such positive became preliminary statistics on the production index PMI from HSBC bank according to which the index grew again and reached level of 50,9. It is a maximum level since October of last year, besides value of an index increases the second month in a row that testifies about growth of business activity in production sector.

Important news were coming from Europe where Ministers of Finance agreed to give a right to European Central Bank to regulate the main European banks of the Euro zone, however while it isn’t known when the regulator will be able to start new duties. Besides, today the Euro group approved allocation of the following monetary tranche to Greece as it estimated efforts of the country on national debt reduction. This factor is a positive moment for the EU markets. 34 billion euro will be available to Greece immediately, and total amount for a repayment of a debt will be 49.1 billion euro.

The European currency still keeps above a level of 1.30 in relation to dollar, however today it was corrected from 1.3090 to 1.3045 points, and now reached a level of 1.3105.

Meanwhile the Japanese currency continues to fall. Today USD/JPY pair bargains at the level of 83,9, against yesterday’s level of 83,5. On this background the exporters sensitive to fluctuations of exchange rates, still are leaders of growth, Sharp rises in price for 4,4%, and Toshiba and Pioneer for 1,8%.

Prices of oil following the results of last trading session showed negative dynamics against decrease in the majority of world stock markets. Further weakening of dollar in case of resolution of a collision around the budgetary agreement in the USA can become a key factor of growth of the oil prices. Today this morning Brent crude is traded on a level of 107.01.

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