Markets wait for news from Washington



The European stock exchanges were closed yesterday, but American indexes showed not so positive dynamics and were closed with a decrease. Dow Jones lost 0.18%, but Nasdaq and S&P500 were closed with a fall of 0.74% and 0.47% accordingly. Fears of the American investors are again connected with a dependence of the main problem of year – “fiscal cliff”, and also with a ceiling of the public debt which limit, according to the Minister of Finance – Timothy Geithner, will be reached already on December 31 of the current year.
Also oil to fire was added by data on retails which were record-breaking low, their volume from October 28 till December 24 grew only by 0,7% in comparison with the similar period last year. Master Card also specifies that many people show today restraint in the purchases, being afraid of “fiscal cliff” which can come on January 1 and bring with itself increase of taxes.
Futures for WTI brand oil yesterday jumped up for $2,37 to $90,98 for barrel. Today WTI oil is traded on a level of $91,18 for barrel, Brent is decreasing less than 0,2%, bargaining at the level of $111,05 for barrel.
Gold loses the positions in one of the last days of 2012, trading passes very inertly as many participants of the market already left for holidays. Gold is losing 0.25% and traded on a level of $1656.50, silver is bargaining around level of $30.00 second day in a row.
Absolutely other situation is observed in copper futures which add more than 1.3%. Quotations break through a level of $7900 after the National bureau of statistics of the People’s Republic of China reported that the profit of the industrial companies in the country grew in November by 22.8% in comparison with the similar period last year. China is the largest consumer of copper therefore investors hope that recovery of the Chinese economy will positively influence demand for metal.
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