EURO falls back on profit taking



The relief rally in securities after the US avoided the fiscal cliff, continued in Europe, the United States and Asia this morning. The Dow Jones industrial average jumped 2,35 % to 13 412. Nasdaq reached 3 112 up more than 3 %. The technology and banking sectors posted the biggest gains with Bank of America up 3,7 % and Apple as the winners. The gains came on heavy volumes with funds leaving the bond market entering into equities. 7,8 billion shares were traded against an average of 6.42 billion.
The dollar slid against high-yielding currencies with investors selling “safe haven” currencies as dollar and yen on strong risk appetite. The losses in dollar and yen might, however, be temporary. Difficult negotiation on US spending restraints and the debt ceiling are waiting in the wings. The EURO which was favourite among investors in morning hours yesterday, lost all its gain during trading yesterday and plunged 150 points to Euro/USD 1.3136 on aggressive profit taking. Commodities which saw big increases on the budget compromise in expectations on stabile growth, have as well technically corrected with the exception of oil. Brent crude still trades above USD 112,40 a barrel.
The compromise agreement on the “cliff” is seen as a victory for President Barack Obama in succeeding to increase taxes on the rich , but set up potentially bruising showdowns between Republicans and Democrats over the next two months on spending cuts and a limit on borrowing. Republicans who on the top are fighting disarray in own ranks with member principally against any tax hikes, were furious that the obtained deal did little to curb the financial deficit. There is a tense atmosphere between the two parties. The Republican House Speaker, John Boehner, is said to have told his Democrat counterparty, Harry Reid, to “go fuck yourself” before a final deal was reached.
Asian stocks continued to post gains in morning hours Thursday on hopes for a steady economic revival in China. After Wednesday’s two % jump, the MSCI index for the Asian Pacific was up 0,3 %. Service sector data from China in December point to a healthy recovery. Both the China Enterprise index and Hon Kong’s Hang Sheng are up. A momentum that can last at least for some months seem to be building up.
The Japanese yen bounced back after hitting a 29-month low versus USD. Even if USD/JPY looks somewhat overbought any strength in the yen is likely to be short-lived. USD/JPY trades at 87,24. GBP has also fallen back against the dollar, but the trend seems to be in favour of a stronger British pound. The Scandinavian currencies, NOK, SEK and DKK which also boomed on the Congress deal, has technically corrected and fallen back 0,5 to 1 %.
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