25 January 2013: The Japanese yen updates minimum levels


Asian stock markets again don’t show uniform dynamics today, and again “independently” there is a Japanese Nikkei index with growth more than for 2%. The reason is still the same, decrease in national currency was resumed, and today USD/JPY pair already bargains around level 90,5. Statements of the deputy minister of economy of Japan, Yasutosi Nisimura, that decrease of currency isn’t finished yet, and the level of 100 yens for dollar seems quite achievable, added interest to speculative sale of yen.

During the today’s Asian session the British pound continued to decrease against US dollar and at the moment practically approached yesterday minimum. The British pound bargains at the level of 1,57884. Today gross domestic product of Great Britain for the 4th quarter is published: the forecast of -0,1% against 0,9% in the 3rd quarter. In case of a release of weak data, the price will continue to fall.

Thanks to signs of improvement of economic activity in the Euro zone, EUR/USD pair continued correctional movement and grew to level of 1,3393 euros against US dollar at the trading on Thursday, and positive data from a labor market of the USA only strengthened tendency of investors to risk, having added an impulse in growth of the European currency. This morning we see pair bargaining at the level of 1,3337.

Yesterday trading volumes of oil were 30% higher than the monthly average. This morning Brent bargains at level of $113,08, and WTI at $95,93. As for a technical picture, due to yesterday’s growth the alignment of forces exchanged a little. Quotations on Brent rose above a key mark of $113, having updated thereby three-month maximum. In case of lack of a general negative in the market, growth continuation is expected for the purpose of achievement of level of $117 for barrel.    

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