19 February 2013: No currency war, Draghi claims


In the aftermath of the G-20 meeting in Moscow leading central bankers along with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), have strongly dismissed that there is a currency war. European Central Bank President Mario Draghi tried his best to take the heat of the debate, talking to European lawmakers in Brussels yesterday; ECB is closely following the strength of the Euro, but here is no currency war, Draghi claimed.

He admitted, however, that Euro’s exchange rate is important for growth and inflation in the euro zone. He feared that inflation may be pulled down, too, far. The exchange rate’s impact on inflation is closely watched. In its statement Saturday G-20 stated that there are none competitive devaluations between leading economic powers. Japan escaped open criticism for its expansive policies. Along with the US Japan has been under fire for conducting loose monetary policies.

Draghi stressed that the exchange rate movements were not explicitly targeted against competitors. They are mainly results of macroeconomic policies to boost domestic economies. Japan is trying to create growth and turn decade’s stagnation around. Draghi demonstrated understanding for such moves, but urged on the other hand world partners to exercise a very, very strong verbal discipline.

Whether such verbal constraint would work is early to say. But over the last 24 hours at least currency fluctuations have been minimal. Euro/USD is trading at 1.3354. USD/JPY is hovering below 94 and USD/GDP, another big loser over the last days, stays flat at 1.5475. There are small changes in oil and commodity prices. Stock markets in US was closed yesterday due to George Washington ’s Birthday. Asian shares barely moved. The Japanese Nikkei fell 0,5% eyeing appointment of a new BOJ director and risks in the euro zone.


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