26 February 2013: Italian elections became a reason for correction in the markets



Yesterday the world markets showed different dynamics. So, the European indexes finished Monday’s trading session moving upwards. Meanwhile, the American indexes began week with essential decrease. As a result of sales the Dow Jones and S&P 500 indexes could not keep the key levels – 14000 and 1500 points accordingly. Following the results of Monday the Dow Jones index lost 1,55%, the S&P 500 index lost 1,83%.

Markets were correcting due to the news coming from Italy. It became known that following the results of processing about 90% of bulletins two parties received identical result. The victory was won by Pierre Bersani’s left-centrist coalition and Silvio Berlusconi’s right-centrist coalition. Let’s remind that Bersani already declared commitment to the economic reforms which are carried out by the old government led by Mario Monty. Berlusconi’s victory is extremely undesirable for the Eurozone.

One of the most expected events for today is speech which will be given by the head of FRS B. Bernanke to bank committee. The head of FRS in his speech, most likely, will give an assessment to carried-out stimulating programs of FRS, namely repayment of assets as after announcement of protocols from the last meeting of FRS fears about early turning of programs increased.

USD/JPY pair yesterday has been decreasing from a level of 94.7 to a level 91, losing 4%, but at the current time is back to a level of 92.2. Most likely such movement was caused by strong weakening of euro and, respectively, a capital overflow in traditionally protective currencies – dollar and yen. EUR/USD is traded on a level 1.3062.

On Monday we have seen rather volatile session in the oil market where the positive news on oil import coming from China (+7% in January), have boosted price back to $115.8, but at closing price went again back and this morning Brent is losing 0.63% and traded on a level of $113.719. 

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