29 March 2013: USA Markets – S&P index beat its historical maximum



Yesterday stock market of United States finished trading session with a moderate growth, at the same time the index of the wide market S&P 500, during the last minutes of the trading session, managed to subdue the level of its historical maximum 1565,15 points and was closed 4 points above it. Data on GDP of the USA presented yesterday, where the indicator increased by 0,4% in comparison with the previous assessment in 0,1% gave support to the market and positively influenced purchasing moods. The rest of the statistical data was not so positive, the number of primary requests for unemployment benefits last week increased by 16 thousand to 357 thousand and significantly exceeded expectations, and the Chicago index of business activity in March made only 52,4 points and more than 4 points didn’t hold on to average forecasts.

Asian stock markets in the last working day not only of this week, but also month, and also the whole quarter show quiet multidirectional dynamics. Trading volumes are insignificant. The Japanese stock exchange bargains almost neutrally. Nevertheless, index Nikkei is ending quarter with growth of nearly 19%, which is the best result since middle of 2009. At the end of March the Nikkei index keeps about levels 12300-12400, which is just a bit lower its maximum levels. From the middle of November growth of the main exchange indicator of the country grew almost by 45%.

Leading stock indexes of Europe also closed yesterday’s trading session with a moderate growth – the British FTSE-100 grew up for +0,38%, the German DAX grew by 0,08%, the French CAC increased for +0,52%. Also it should be noted that in relation to the Catholic holiday “Passionate Friday”, markets of the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and as well as many European platforms are going to be closed today.

Prices of oil following the results of last trading session continued a shy rebound upward and again showed positive dynamics. In the short term ascending dynamics can be continued up to the closest zone of resistance around $112-113 for barrel. This morning, we can see BRENT traded on a level of 109.77$ per barrel, NYMEX adds 0.67% in price and is on a level of 97.23$ per barrel.     

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