Leading stock indexes of Europe and the USA on Friday generally decreased – the British FTSE-100 decreased for -0,26%, the German DAX lost -0,23%, the French CAC lost -0,79%, the American Dow Jones added just +0,08%, S&P500 decreased for -0,20%, Nasdaq Composite lost -0,33%. Accordingly to the published statistics on Friday, growth rates of gross domestic product of the USA in the first quarter of the current year were accelerated, but were slightly worse than market expectations. At the same time the index of consumer confidence in the USA, counted by Michigan University, decreased, but at a size smaller, than was predicted.

As a whole for the past week the American share indexes added 1,1-1,9%, and European rose by 2,2%-4,8%. The German DAX which has added 4,8%, against improvement by the authorities of Germany of forecasts on growth rates of economy became the favorite of week within the European platforms. Bundesbank (the Central Bank of Germany) in the April’s review predicted growth restoration in economy of Germany in the second quarter against situation improvement on a labor market.
Trading session in Asian stock exchanges started without any uniform dynamics, Chinese and Japanese stock exchanges are closed today in connection with national holidays “Labor Day” and “Showa Day” respectively.

At the same time, Australian ASX where the raw materials companies are the major part of the index, remains to be in a green zone, despite the fact that on Friday evening there was quite sharp depreciation of metals. Mainly support is given by the banking sector. In particular the extracting companies Newcrest Mining and BHP Billiton lose around 0,5% of the capitalization while National Australia Bank and Australia and New Zealand Banking Group banks add 1,3% and 0,8% respectively. Significantly worse than the market looks the Kingsgate Consolidated gold mining company, which is losing -14,5%, because of the statement of intention to decrease expenses in connection with a collapse of prices on precious metals.

Today the statement concerning prospects of development of economy of the Asian-Pacific Region was made by representatives of IMF, having reported about fall in forecast on gross domestic product growth from 5,9% to 5,7%. Also experts noted remaining probability of slowdown of the Chinese economy.

Prices of precious metals continue its positive correction after steep falls we have seen not so long time ago, gold is increasing for 1,07% and is traded on a level of 1469,16. Silver is up for 1,88% on a level of 24,20.

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