In the first day of the week the index of the wide market S&P500 closely approached recently established historical maxima and now has chance to continue an ascension on new heights. Following the results of the yesterday’s trading session the S&P500 index increased by 0,72%. Quotations stopped at the level of 1593,61 points. To an absolute record there was not enough one point only. As the closest level of resistance which can be reached within an ascending trend, we will allocate a level of 1610.

Bulls also were positive in the light of coming meetings of key central banks – on the 1st of May will be finished the next meeting of FRS, and on May 2 the decision on an interest rate will be made by European Central Bank. From FRS the investment community expects comments on recent deterioration of macroeconomic statistics and, respectively, promises of extension of QE at least until the end of the year; from the European central bank wait fall of an interest rate which ripened owing to lack of any signs of revival of economy of the region. Speculative expectations of cheap money as usual maintain appetite to risk, and Monday didn’t become an exception.

The trading session at Asian stock markets takes place today with mainly positive dynamics, continuing yesterday’s growth over the ocean, but the Japanese market which has come back from days off, looks worse than the colleagues. One of the reasons is dynamics in the currency market where USD/JPY pair continues movement under level 98, after it was once again rolled away from a level of 100 last week.

Also a big block of macro statistics has been issued today in Japan, mainly positive, however this factor is mainly ignored by Japanese investors. In particular unemployment rate decreased in March to 4,1%, expenses of households grew by 5,2% in annual calculation, the production PMI index raised to 51,1, and retails of the largest networks grew by 2,4%. Only an industrial production was worse than expectations and grew for March only by 0,2% at forecasts of growth for 0,4%.

In Australia, meanwhile, continues growth of the banking sector, and yesterday’s leaders of growth – National Australia Bank and Australia and New Zealand Banking Group add today another 2,5% and 4,5% respectively.

Prices of oil and precious metals are weaker this morning. Brent is on a level 103.55$ per barrel – loosing 0.25%. Gold and silver are on a levels 1460.93 and 23.98 respectively.

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